Advanced Thermal Management

Advanced Thermal Management Efficient Heat Transfer

3 Decades of Experience designing & manufacturing heat pipes, assemblies and similar phase change products in India

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At Svetherm

We design, prototype & manufacture Thermal management products and solutions

We utilize phase change mechanism Like heat pipes, thermosyphons, vapor chambers and their assemblies That transfer heat with minimal thermal resistance

Manage temperatures
of low, medium & high heat flux dissipating components
Cool discrete components
by transferring heat from a source to a remote heat sink
Ensure optimum temperatures
within sealed enclosures 
Evenly spread heat
across surfaces and maintain uniform temperatures
Transport heat quickly
to a cooling media (water, oil) in industrial processes like moulding
Pre-heat or Pre-cool
fluids for energy recovery.


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Our Products

Thermal Management Products that we make in India

Heat Pipes & Thermosyphons Heat Pipes & Thermosyphons
Efficiently transfer heat with minimal thermal resistance, ideal for cooling and temperature regulation applications
Loop Thermosyphons Loop Thermosyphons
Utilize gravity-assisted, two-phase cooling for enhanced thermal management in space-constrained environments.
Heat Pipe Heat Sinks Heat Pipe Heat Sinks
Combine the rapid heat transfer capabilities of heat pipes with the dissipative properties of heat sinks for superior cooling performance.
Vapor Chambers Vapor Chambers
Offer high-efficiency, planar heat spreading for uniform thermal management in electronics and high heat flux applications.
Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers
Leverage the efficiency of heat pipes to enhance heat exchange processes, optimizing thermal performance.

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Application that utilise Heat Pipes of Standard Size

Choose from our catalog of standard heat pipe sizes to solve thermal issues in

Die and Mold Cooling

Our heat pipes offer a revolutionary solution for die and mold cooling, enhancing the efficiency and longevity of your equipment. By effectively dissipating heat, they prevent thermal hotspots and ensure uniform temperature distribution.

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Temperature Equalization in Packaging Machines

Our standard size heat pipes play a vital role in ensuring temperature equalization across critical components. They facilitate a balanced thermal environment, reducing the risk of overheating and improving machinery efficiency.

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Customised Thermal Management Solutions

Many applications require custom design and development of heat pipes as well as their assemblies to solve specific thermal management problems.

We leverage our strong R&D capabilities to develop thermal management solutions that satisfy our customers unique needs.

sol1 RF Power Amplifier Cooling
Efficient cooling for RF power amplifiers to enhance performance and prevent overheating.
sol2 Microprocessor Cooling
Advanced heat dissipation technologies for stable and efficient microprocessor operation.
sol3 IGBT Temperature Control
Precise temperature management for IGBTs, ensuring power electronics' efficiency and reliability.
sol4 MOSFET Temperature Control
Customized cooling solutions for MOSFETs, enhancing circuit performance and longevity.
sol5 Electrical & Electronic Panel Cooling
Effective cooling for electrical and electronic panels to prevent thermal overload.
sol6 HVAC Exhaust Energy Recovery
Systems to recover energy from HVAC exhaust, boosting energy efficiency and reducing costs.

Whether it's a high heat flux application, or an application with strict space constraints with no room for a local heat sink, we provide the best tailor made thermal management solution.


Advanced R&D Lab for Custom Thermal Solutions

Our state of the art R&D Lab allows us to design, prototype & test different types of heat pipes and their assemblies that meet your unique thermal management needs.

We guide on how to use our products to manage heat, and incorporate them in your designs to solve specific thermal management problems.

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